Alex Knickerbocker
Sound Editor | Photographer

By trade, I’m a sound effects recordist and sound editor. I record, catalog, and maintain the sound effects library for Universal Pictures. If you’ve seen a movie or watched TV in the last five years, chances are you’ve heard a little bit of my work somewhere.

From million dollar cars to military aircraft, desolate Arctic winds to crowded city ambience, intimate details of moving cloth to deafening explosions and everything in between, it’s my job to capture the world around us in such a way that when you hear it all, you’ll feel like you’re right there.

By passion, I hesitantly call myself a photographer. My first camera led me into urban exploration, attempting to preserve memories of what nature is reclaiming and humanity is forgetting. This in turn gave way to shooting landscapes and occasionally portraiture. 

Photography has become the creative complement and counterpart to recording sound in an effort to completely represent the details of the world around us. The pictures I upload here are an attempt to record the visual experience of what otherwise would only have been captured sonically.

Email me for information, collaboration, or inquiries.