Alex Knickerbocker
Sound Editor | Recordist

By trade, I’m a sound effects recordist, sound editor, and re-recording mixer. If you’ve seen a movie or watched TV in the last 10 years, chances are you’ve heard a little bit of my work somewhere.

From million dollar cars to military aircraft, desolate Arctic winds to crowded city ambience, intimate details of moving cloth to deafening explosions and everything in between, it’s my job to capture the world around us in such a way that when you hear it all, you’ll feel like you’re right there.

It’s my hope that by sharing the experiences and techniques I’ve picked up along the way, anyone who’s interested in knowing more about sound can dive in and learn without having to start from scratch. Find me online at the links below!

YouTube - @alexknickerbocker
Instagram - @axk
Kit - @axk